Hello, I’m Nikola.

I am a UI/UX and branding designer based in San Diego, CA.

Let’s make something amazing together.

Five people,
four timezones,
one app.

Easily schedule meetings across timezones.

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An award wining
autonomous mobile robot.
A client winning user experience.

Softbank Robotics Whiz® UX

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A good boy deserves
a good UI.

App UX for Koda®, a
self-evolving AI robot dog.

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Is it a to do?
Is it a calendar?

A hybrid tool that combines a to do and a calendar in one app.

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It pays to listen.

Branding for PodcastGains, a podcast player with perks.

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and online.

Visual identity for Drives&Detours, an online community of driving enthusiasts.

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Oh, hi (Mark).

Could you do me a favor and visit my website on a desktop? I know, I know... but, trust me, it’s worth it.

See you there!